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During the workshop, the directors have the opportunity to discuss their projects with international experts and tutors, in order for them to receive advice on their scripts, to understand the reality of the industry and define an appropriate development strategy.

Session on film soundtrack
in collaboration with SACEM

Next Step continues its collaboration with the SACEM on cinema scoring. The goal is to foster directors’ attention towards music scoring and to initiate a discussion on the musical and sound universe of their feature film project. These sessions already produced a fruitful collaboration between Sofía Quirós Ubeda, selected at the 58th edition of La Semaine de la Critique with her first feature film Ceniza Negra (Land of Ashes) and Wissam Hojeij, a composer she met during Next Step in 2017. Since 2019, as to further awareness, a new formula is offered to the residents: three composers will share their experience and expertise during one-to-one consultations with each director, so as to guide them optimally in their artistic choices.