Don't Let Me Die

by Andrei Epure

Next Step 2021


Feature Film

Don’t Let Me Die furthers the visual and narrative canvas initiated by Interfon 15 by following the consequences of that same neighbour’s death on one of the women in the building, Maria. After being interrogated by the police, she soon ends up in charge of the funeral. Entangled in this Kafkaesque situation, everything seems to go wrong in Maria’s life, as a pervasive, nerve-racking feeling that she is haunted by the late neighbour lingers.

An ominous, eery feeling seeps into Don’t Let Me Die, as a woman is persecuted by the administration and ghosts alike. Andrei’s purpose is to renew the topics that the Romanian New Wave holds dear through dry humour, realism, and genre. This astonishing cinematic mix becomes a conduit, tearing these characters and that society away from their own apathy to unveil a nonsensical, horrific reality.