Next Step 2021


Feature Film

With Deep Fake, Ismaël pushes further into the hall of mirrors of identity, by diving into the world of Amy, a Youtube gaming celebrity who’s been famous since her teenage years. Now an adult, she starts making ASMR videos, content that is more mature, engaging both the senses and the body. She contends with the hostility of the internet community and soon discovers a doppelganger, a “deep fake” that takes over her virtual life, publishing controversial content in order to harm her.

Ismaël’s work is all about fusion. The fusion of live-action shots and new technology to conjure up the poetry of virtual life. The fusion of experimental cinema and fiction, that of genres (tech-thriller, coming-of-age, video installation) and genders (identity, social persona, and digital aliases). What seems complex at first is the expression of an ancient and universal story. Our quest for who we are, in pursuit of our shape, our voice. And the violence, the plots, to harass and to stifle that voice.