The Visitor

by Vytautas Katkus

Next Step 2021


Feature Film

The Visitor follows Danielus’ journey as the young man makes a new life for himself in a foreign land where he does not speak the language and doesn’t know anyone. As Danielus, an unworldly wanderer, tries to connect with the locals, the places, he cannot escape his lonely condition. One day, he meets his ex-girlfriend’s father, a man who’s accepted his own loneliness and decides to befriend him.

As a Baltic disciple of Tsai Ming-liang, Vytautas places reserve and rhythm at the very core of his feature film project. Reserve in disclosing the feelings of his characters, out of place, looking for where they belong in a melancholic and farcical world. Rhythmic in his mise en scene, the distance he keeps, the pace he treasures, observing rather than asserting. With an acute sense of choreography, his perspective as a filmmaker reveals the gliding gentleness of feelings.