61st edition | From 18 to 26 may 2022

A word from our partners

The Gan Foundation: Committed to filmmaking for more than 30 years

by Dominique Hoff, General Delegate - Gan Fondation

They support us

The Gan Foundation was created to help turn screenplays into films, to help filmmakers throughout their process, to celebrate the first awards and successes of films and to see them grow. For 30 years, we have been rewarding unique, ambitious feature films - both live action and animation - and have supported over 200 directors. 

Many of these filmmakers were also acclaimed by La Semaine de la Critique, for instance, Alice Winocour, Thomas Lilti, Hubert Charuel, Julia Ducournau, Jean-Bernard Marlin, and David Oelhoffen who was the 2020 Foundation ambassador.

The Gan Foundation strengthened its partnership with La Semaine de la Critique by creating the Gan Foundation Award for Distribution, which, every year, rewards one of the seven competing films, helping it find a wider audience beyond the festival.

Since 2014, we are proud to have supported Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy (The Tribe), Clément Cogitore (The Wakhan Front), Asaph Polonsky (One Week and a Day), Fellipe Barbosa (Gabriel and the Mountain), Rohena Gera (Sir), Lorcan Finnegan (Vivarium), Aleem Khan (After Love), for their radical, subversive, bold, witty, sensitive and delicate work, and contributed to this "breath of fresh air" that La Semaine holds so dear. 

We are thrilled to be celebrating together exhilarating creativity and passionate rejuvenation of our collective imagination.

Happy 60th anniversary! 

Dominique Hoff
General Delegate | Gan fondation for the cinema

They support us