The Woodcutter Story

by Mikko Myllylahti

Next Step 2018


Feature Film

Mikko is currently finishing writing his first feature, The Woodcutter Story, which he developed at the TorinoFilmLab. An open-air mine appears in an idyllic village in the north of Finland. From then on, a series of terrible events affect the life of Pepe, a thoroughly nice and cheerful woodcutter. Despite adversity, nothing seems to dampen his spirits. It is as if he held a precious secret about the beauty of life. In this tormented village, the inhabitants seem to have lost hope in the future. Jakko, a psychic who can speak to the beyond, suddenly appears to deliver a mysterious message. A fierce struggle between hope and desolation will prove a tough challenge for Pepe’s optimism and willpower…
With this metaphorical fable and its dark humour, Mikko questions the power of hope as a defence against obscurantism. An appeal to return to humanism, simplicity and nature.