Piccolo Corpo in French theaters

Piccolo Corpo, first feature film by Laura Samani was presented in competition in 2021 at the 60th Semaine de la Critique. The film was selected at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Busan International Film Festival and the Hamburg Film Festival. It received the Special Jury Mention from the London Film Festival and the Extraordinary Stories Award from the Seville European Film Festival.

Piccolo Corpo is produced by Nefertiti Film and is released in French theaters on Wednesday 16 February, distributed by Arizona Distribution.



Italy, 1900. Young Agata’s baby is stillborn and so condemned to Limbo. Agata hears about a place in the mountains, where infants can be brought back to life for just one breath, to baptize them and save their soul. She undertakes a voyage with her daughter’s small body hidden in a box and meets Lynx, a solitary boy who offers to help her. They set off on an adventure which will enable both to come close to a miracle.


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« I wanted to explore faith, religious or not, although here, due to the context, it is about religious faith. Up to a few years ago, in the catholic faith, people still thought that when a child died at birth, his or her soul would spend eternity in Limbo. Agata can’t bear such violence. And although she lives at a time when religion is not to be challenged, she decides to work around the “laws” to save her child’s soul. »

Interview with director Laura Samani by Pauline Mallet

«The film boasts the stylistic rigour of the type of arthouse film you see on the festival circuit, but the female characters who quietly rebel against a culture which would reduce them to dutiful and submissive workers with a clear gender identity, endow the film with a modern theme. »



Interview with director Laura Samani

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