Convenience Store

by Michael Borodin

Next Step 2019


Feature Film

In the suburbs of Moscow, a convenience store, like many others, illegally hires Uzbeki immigrants. Unable to leave and under constant threat, they are slaves of the modern world. Mukhabbat, an Uzbek woman, “employed” by the store, bravely discloses their living conditions to the authorities as a desperate attempt to save her child who was kidnapped by the store owner. This sacrifice compels her to admit that she came to Russia illegally. Forced to return to Uzbekistan, she intends to get her son back, held captive in Russia.
In his film about struggle and anger, Michael conveys a ruthless portrayal of Russia riddled by violence and abuse. A far-reaching tragedy, the films moves from a claustrophobic account of Moscovite nightlife to a light-bathed road movie in the great Uzbek landscapes where the director was born.