by Andrias Høgenni

Next Step 2019


Feature Film

This is a great day for Jákup: Stina, whom he raised as is own daughter, is getting married to her Icelandic boyfriend. In pure Feroese tradition, this event gathers a large, merry and messy crowd. However, it quickly turns into a nightmare when Jákup learns that Anton, Stina’s biological father, who severed ties with the family, is on his way. Drunk, he threatens anyone who would prevent him from coming to the party. Jákup has only a few hours before Anton arrives to prevent this catastrophe.
Unity of time and place for this Scandinavian story, in which drunkenness and chaos clash with muttered pain. Andrias wants to pursue his tight-rope exploration of dramatic comedy, where laughter delays imminent violence, much like an unwanted and unavoidable guest.