Wissam Hojeij is a Franco-Lebanese composer. His career has been marked by numerous national and international workshops, including Next Step at Cannes Critics' Week and Berlinale Talent. Having composed the music for some twenty short films, he won the best music award at the Kinoma festival in 2017 for Jonathan Millet's And Still We Will Walk On. The feature films Headbang Lullaby and Jahilya by Hicham Lasri, for which he composed the original score, were selected at the Berlinale (Panorama 2017 / Forum 2018).

Sofia Quirós' feature Land of Ashes takes his music to Cannes when it is selected for Critics' Week 2019. In 2023, he composed the score for Vinko Tomicic's El Ladrón de Perros, as well as Camila Beltran's Mi Bestia. In his scores, Wissam Hojeij deploys a personal creative approach always in synch with the universe of the films in which it is set.