VIVARIUM to be release soon

VIVARIUM, by the Irish director Lorcan Finnegan, won the Gan Foundation Award for Distribution at the 2019 edition of La Semaine de la Critique, awarded to the French distributor (The Jokers/Les Bookmakers). This second feature, a subtle mix between thriller and horror, was selected in about twenty international film festivals such as Stockholm, Melbourne, London, L’Etrange Festival (where it won the "Nouveau Genre" Grand Prize). It was also sold to more than 15 territories such as, for Europe, France (to be released on March 11, Scandinavian countries (NonStop Entertainment / March 27) or the United Kingdom (Vertigo / Mach 27), for America, the USA (Saban Films) and Canada (Mongrel Media / March 27), for Asia, South Korea (Lumix) or Japan and in Latin America (Parco). 

"The spooky blandness of suburbia has proved extraordinarily fruitful terrain for horror and sci-fi cinema over the decades (…) More dark fairy tale than straight sci-fi puzzle, it never reveals all its secrets but still concludes on a satisfying note of symmetry."
— Hollywood Reporter

Lorcan Finnegan

Irish nationality
Born on May 25th 1979 in Dublin (Ireland)

VIVARIUM is his second feature film.


for Distribution

For the sixth year in a row, the Gan Foundation for Cinema, one of the major private partners of French cinema for the past 30 years, has given within La Semaine de la Critique its Award to help release a first or second feature film in France. The 2019 Gan Foundation Award for Distribution, endowed 20,000€, went to The Jokers, the French distributor of VIVARIUM by Lorcan Finnegan