The Permanent Picture

by Laura Ferrés

Next Step 2017

Feature Film

In The Permanent Picture, Laura weaves a tale about familial relationships and the cut-throat world of advertising. Carmen is 45. Her recent divorce has forced her to go back to living with her mother, whilst sharing custody of her daughter. As a casting director in an advertising agency and suffering from a midlife crisis, she has ended up working in a glamorous environment that doesn’t suit her anymore. When a director looking for non-professional actors asks Carmen, her husband and her daughter to play the part of an ideal family in an advert, the couple starts to see this as an opportunity to perhaps fix the relationship.

In this first feature, Laura highlights her interest in depicting the lives of the working class, of people struggling with money issues and the world of work, for whom familial relations are a shield against individualism. The Permanent Picture is a film that oscillates between black comedy and drama. A sober visual approach reflecting an economically vulnerable Spain, bringing to mind the work of Aki Kaurismaki or Whisky by Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll.