The Maiden

by Graham Foy

Next Step 2020


Feature Film

In The Maiden, Graham pursues his taste for gentle, fragmented and polyphonic storytelling. We follow Colton, a high-school student who finds his classmate Whitney’s diary. Upon seeking to give it back to her, he discovers that she has gone missing. As we read the young woman’s diary, we are plunged into her love story with Colton’s best friend, and the archeology of symbolic, environmental and family violence upon which this Canadian suburban town is built. 

Graham’s films are like this recovered diary: the poetic excavation of lost voices, hushed stories that reflect our society. A pantheistic tribute to earnest adolescence with entwined narratives whose characters beckon with outstretched arms. A true “teen movie” halfway between the anguish of Charles Burns’ graphic novel Black Hole and the fell lyricism of The Virgin Suicides.