Michelle Remembers

by Pia Borg

Next Step 2019


Feature Film

In 1976, during a psychiatrist’s hypnosis session, Michelle Smith remembered violent nightmares based on abuses perpetrated by satanic cults. The practitioner later compiled these sessions into a book, Michelle Remembers, and Michelle Smith went on TV to share her traumatic memories. In the 80’s, a mass hysteria emerged from the fear of these satanic practices and spread to the whole Western world.
By extending Demonic into a feature film, Pia intends to go further in her playful, multi-faceted work on different types of footage (archives, reenactments, CGI) as she crafts the kaleidoscope of a media frenzy. The joy of the investigation account serves her critical perspective as an artist, questioning the extent to which we can trust testimonies and footage at a time when truth had never been more challenged.