Mes jours de gloire

by Antoine de Bary

Next Step 2016

Feature Film

Antoine de Bary is currently working on his first feature film, which he is co-writing with Elias Belkedar, Le Jour de gloire, a coming-of-age story told in reverse about a young man who goes through the collapse of all his successful endeavours. Adrien, a twenty-something actor, has known glory, work and money before his eighteenth birthday. But everything stopped a while ago and the world around him is unravelling bit by bit. His unpaid taxes have caught up with him and he has to go back home and live with his parents, falls for a very young girl, and most importantly, can no longer sustain an erection. Le Déserteur is an existential comedy, a drama into which mediocre yet endearing characters inject a heavy dose of humour. The film illustrates Antoine de Bary’s affectionate exploration of issues such as virility, nostalgia and intimacy.