J’ai des rêves électriques

by Valentina Maurel

Next Step 2019


Feature Film

Eva, a 16-year-old Costa Rican teenager, is torn between two homes: the one she grew up in, that is being refurbished by her mother and her young lover, and the one her father is looking for after their divorce. Eva wants to live with the latter, an emotionally unstable and financially unsound man but whose existence rimes with freedom and complicity. Eva is ablaze: a changing body she must learn to tame, raging sexual desire, riddled with subdued anger. As her father becomes increasingly unstable, she gets closer to Palomo, a friend of her father’s.
In this film, Valentina delves further into the sensual exploration of adolescence and the grey zones in which desire lurks. This “naked age” is also the setting of the intricate and dizzying dissection of the father-daughter relationship. A bond that conveys not only freedom and love, but also violence.