How to Have Sex

by Molly Manning Walker

Next Step 2020

United Kingdom

Feature Film

Molly continues to explore sexual violence by diving into a typically British rite of passage, where young girls spend their holidays in Mallorca to lose their virginity in orgiastic parties. We follow three friends, Zara, Em and Skye who contend with peer pressure in their decision to “do it”.

In tackling what is an endemic phenomenon in the United Kingdom, Molly wants to convey both the ritualized violence of teenage sexuality and the intimacy and solidarity of female friendship. With her strong background as a fiction and documentary director of photography, Molly Manning Walker will blend the naturalist truthfulness of the cast and situations with ambitious visual standards, thus conveying both the lifeforce that resides in youths and the normalization of tourism aesthetics, in the footsteps of the work of Martin Parr.