Hidup Berdua The Life of Tima

by Wregas Bhanuteja

Next Step 2016

Feature Film

In his coming first feature project, Wregas hopes to carry on observing the reality around him through the prism of fiction, based on his own personal experience. Hidup Berdua (The Life of Tima) follows Tima who lives in Jakarta and hopes to work in the film industry. She starts working on films sets as an extra and discovers the film workers’ hard living conditions. Indebted after an accident on-set, Tima befriends Teo, a generator jeep driver, and together they go from film set to film set to find work. Though the story evolves around the world of cinema, Wregas also aims to portray the everyday lives of his characters. With Hidup Berdua, he wishes to shed light on social issues through the film industry, revealing how it represents a dream for many people in Indonesia.