Fun, Fun, Fun

by Camille Lugan

Next Step 2018


Feature Film

Desire is once again at the heart of Camille’s feature, Fun, Fun, Fun, although from a woman’s standpoint this time. Cheyenne, a bicycle courier, is a wild amazon, intoxicated by speed, unhappy with the model society offers. She rushes up and down the streetsof Paris and overcomes boredom by cruising random men, along with her accomplice and alter ego Tarik, with whom she is in a tight competition, as they go feasting on men. One night, they meet Esteban, a young Colombian man who is just as lost as they are. He is handsome, free, and cannot be pinned down: they both want him. Together they delve into an erotic partnership where nothing matters but shared pleasure, until feelings emerge and start rocking the frail boat.
Set in Paris’ raw, harsh night, Fun, Fun, Fun will be a chronicle of the senses and of the flesh. Tossed between melancholy and exaltation, you’ll embark on an intimate odyssey of a contemporary heroine whose request for boundless freedom hits the pressure of a specific social construct.