by Yorgos Zois

Next Step 2019


Feature Film

A forty-something couple, Yannis and Katerina rent out a house in a heavenly sea-side location. Estranged from one another, their relationship seems to be ending. It just so happens that Yannis rekindles with Ellie, a young woman he once knew. The couple is immediately attracted to her but Katerina quickly feels left out of this love triangle. Back home, she comes across Nikos, a young man, who tells her he’s always lived here. He fills her with a strange yet comfortable and familiar feeling. Shortly, Nikos helps her understand that she is trapped, just like him, in the world of the living…

In this dreamlike romantic thriller, Yorgos takes a deeper look at love and how it obsesses us. In this gloomy world with its intentionally romantic light that shines through, ghosts are haunted by memories of the living, as one would in a melancholic lounge where freedom and oblivion are thwarted.