Captura The Capture

by Adi Voicu

Next Step 2019

ROMANIA / BULGARIA 1h16 Romanian

Feature Film

Sami is a passionate visual artist with a keen eye for the world's untold stories. Tonight, he steps away from the comfort of artistic abstraction at a vibrant party, seeking authenticity amidst the chaos of a city in upheaval. Drawn to the raw energy of street protests, Sami finds himself in a reality far beyond the scope of his camera—a reality where the lines between observer and participant blur. As he navigates the complexities of truth, power, and freedom, Sami's journey becomes an exploration of resilience and the cost of integrity in the face of injustice. The Capture invites audiences on a gripping journey through the beauty and pain of standing up for one's beliefs, challenging us to question where we draw our own lines.