Beats of Love

by Jan Roosens & Raf Roosens

Next Step 2020


Feature Film

In Beats of Love, Jan & Raf continue exploring a child’s take on the adult world, with Gloria, 13, whose parents – a former successful music duo – are getting a divorce. Having to choose with whom she wants to live, Gloria chooses her mother – who has remained free and true to her musical aspirations - rather than her father, who has settled. But when Gloria falls in love with Imre, a mysterious 17-year-old girl and a musician, her creative, burgeoning love makes her reassess her views on her parents and the complexity of love. 

Firmly rooted in the point of view of a young girl shifting from the children’s world to the murkier, confusing world of teenagers and adults, Beats of Love will be a secretive, pop dive in sentimental education where adolescence and adulthood meet through dance and hip-hop music on one end, and film and digital self-impressions on the other.