by Naïla Guiguet

Next Step 2020


Feature Film

In Alyson, we return to the beat of techno parties and to the topic of families that one chooses for oneself; it is the portrait of a young woman whose excessive lifestyle doesn’t quite fit her new life as a mother. When her significant other, a DJ, suddenly abandons her, Alyson must learn to be independent. Along the way, she meets Liv, a young Brazilian refugee, with whom she redefines her relationship to love and family. 

With this project, Naïla takes mainstream storylines and makes them her own (the coming-of-age story, the portrait of youths’ struggle for stability, even rom-com) to roll out the portrait of a free, brazen young woman who does not fit the moralizing traits of mother-courage nor the so-called flippancy of youth. Instead, she offers a political, loving gesture of a generation who lives for itself, vibrant and united.