Efimeri poli | Ville éphémère

by Giorgos Zafiris

2001 Selection

GREECE 2001 1h23

Feature Film

The hero of the film arrives on some island, which is never named, in search of his mother's almost mythical home. He knows that there is no mother, that this journey does not lead to any mother but to the heart of existence.
During his wanderings, in the course of this inner journey, which is much more an immersion in the waters of memory than an actual exploration of the landscape, unexpected encounters lie in store for him : the recurring face of the mother, the meeting with a young woman and most of all the meeting with the Other.
This is also the basic question the film poses : the meeting with the Other, conceived not as the logical conclusion of fortuitous individual ramblings, but as an active desire for coexistence.
Efimeri Poli (Ville éphémère) is an allegory about the individual and the collective, about the conflict between mobility and immobility, about identity and disparity and finally about the consolation derived in recognizing and identifying with the ancient blood ties that exist between all men.