The Empty Mirror / Le Miroir vide

by Barry J. Hershey

1996 Selection


Feature Film

In a set which could be the bunker where he lived his last days, Adolf Hitler has survived. He's looking at his work and seems to dictate his memoirs while news reels illustrate his irresistible megalomanic and racist ascencion. On an omnipresent screen, he watches overjoyed crowds, triomphant and gigantic parades... Ecs­tatic faces and fanatical shouts are coming from everywhere to celebrate the fürher who's pondering over his destiny. Joseph Goebbels or Hermann Goering come to visit their leader who thought he was going to build a perfect world. Hitler talks about his architectural projects, his artistic ambitions, his megalomanic plan the "final solution"... He talks to himself, sometimes to others, trying to justify his actions. He also starts flirting with Eva Braun under the sarcastic eyes of Sigmund Freud. But, little by little, the monster is gett­ing old while the images he sees become ferocious, hopeless and more and more unbearable. When the 3rd Reich collapses into a Wagnerian paroxysm, the dictator, feeling death near by, desperately tries to go through an empty mirror for the last time...