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A dress of panache for la Semaine

by Delphine Gleize Filmmaker, screenwriter, and film administrator at SACD

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It takes real panache not to let yourself be defined by a catch-all word, nor be reduced to a single movement! La Semaine de la Critique has been the embodiment of that panache for over 60 years now. A thousand words would be necessary to convey their fire, their spark, the guts and the promise, their intuition and their unwavering support. Not long ago, I heard a filmmaker say “I was born at La Semaine”, an expression so poetic and earnest that it speaks for itself.

Yes, you can be born at La Semaine with a first short film and then spread your wings with a first feature film, with the vital support of the Next Step programme. And second features from around the world are also treasured here. See, you can be born many times at La Semaine de la Critique. 

I believe it is paramount for the SACD, on behalf of authors, to keep supporting this ideal space for first works as they help us navigate this hectic world, and to give the SACD award to one of the filmmakers who shows us the way forward.

Delphine Gleize 
Filmmaker, screenwriter, and film administrator at SACD 

They support us