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by Vincent Girerd, Head of Film Channels at Groupe Canal+

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On the eve of this 62nd edition, Ciné+ is absolutely thrilled to further its official partnership with La Semaine de la Critique, a sensible association between two film institutions that share a common mission: discovering and promoting new talented filmmakers throughout the world. A director’s first film is always a commitment, an act of faith, that we strive to support; and discovering new talents is invariably rewarding, it’s the promise of a future in cinema. Thus, over the last few years, we have supported burgeoning filmmakers such as: Xavier Giannoli, Justine Triet, Guillaume Brac, Charlène Favier, Elie Grappe, Julie Lecoustre and Emmanuel Marre, Vincent Le Port, Mikhaël Hers, Caroline Poggi & Vincent Vinel, Alice Diop, Sébastien Betbeder, Diana Gaye…

Once again this year, we are thrilled that Canal + and Ciné + supported all of the French films screened at La Semaine de la Critique from the screenwriting process: Ama Gloria by Marie Amachoukeli, No Love Lost by Erwan Leduc, Vincent Must Die by Stéphan Castang, The Experience of Love by Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni, and Le Ravissement by Iris Kaltenbäck. 

Ciné+ has been with these directors from the beginning and we follow them passionately, as mentors in the film industry, so that they can keep telling their story.

May this year’s selection allow us to discover the filmmakers of tomorrow and to share with our subscribers the wonderful films they will conjure up…

We wish you all a wonderful Semaine de la Critique 2023! 

Vincent GIRERD

Head of Film Channels at Groupe Canal+

They support us