Geoffroy Grison

Producer and scriptwriter

After a Masters degree in classical Greek poetry and an early experience as a stage actor, Geoffroy started working for Arte TV with Pierre Chevalier, as his script adviser. He went on to begin his career as a producer with Raphael Nadjari, with whom he produced five films: The Shade (1999), I Am Josh Polonski’s Brother (2001), Apartment #5C (2002), Avanim (2004) and Tehilim (2007) selected three times at the Cannes Film Festival, twice at the Berlinale and acclaimed by critics. Grison went on to discover emerging auteurs from France and abroad, producing the directorial debuts of filmmakers such as Laurent de Bartillat, Rodolphe Tissot, or Bulgarian contemporary artist Konstantin Bojanov (Avé – Semaine de la critique 2011). In 2013, he wrote his first script with Raphael Nadjari, A Strange Course of Events, which was selected for the 2013 Directors’ Fortnight. He has participated in several funding commissions for the French National Film Centre (CNC). He currently serves as commission member of the Strasbourg City Film Fund (France) and SSA/Suissimage Creative Development Fund in Lausanne (Switzerland).