Manuel Peskine

After studying piano, writing and orchestra conducting, Manuel Peskine researched music composition via jazz, chanson and world music. He created music for the stage (Le Porteur d'Histoire by Alexis Michalik, Mon père avait raison by Bernard Murat) and for film (Ma Compagne de nuit by Isabelle Brocard, La Bifle by Jean-Baptiste Saurel, L'Affaire Sacha Guitry by Fabrice Cazeneuve). Alongside this, he worked as a pianist with various bands and musicals (Yom & the Wonder Rabbis, Emeline Bayart, Anandha Seethanen) and created various orchestrations and arrangements (Sequenza 93, Aedes, Opéra Eclaté). In 2016, he took over as Musical Director for the Opéra de Quat'Sous with the company Opéra Éclaté, and performed at the Théâtre du Rond-Point in D’Elle à Lui.