SIR on French screens

SIR by Rohena Gera won the Gan Foundation Award for Distribution at the 57th edition of La Semaine de la Critique, and its 20,000€ for Diaphana, the French distributor of the film. Since its presentation in Cannes, Rohena Gera's feature film has been selected in several international festivals including Cabourg (Audience Award), Haifa, Vancouver, Warsaw, São Paulo and more recently the American Film Institute festival. From a sales perspective,  close to 20 territories acquired the distribution rights, among which: Canada (Filmswelike), Germany (Neue Visionen), Spain (Surtsey Films), Switzerland (Xenix Filmdistribution), Israel (Lev), China (TimesVision) and Japan (New Select). The film will be released in cinemas on December 26th.

In SIR, Rohena Gera tells Ratna’s story, a young Indian woman, hired as help to Ashwin, a man born in a rich family in Mumbai. He’s got it all, she’s got nothing. She’s optimistic, he’s melancholic. Despite their social differences, Ratna and Ashwin will live together, run into each other, discover each other, and little by little touch each other and feelings will surface. With this tight-knit cast, the director condemns the inequalities in Indian society and the social segregation plaguing this country. "A modern-day Cinderella story with an edge, presenting a side of Mumbai that is rarely seen in cinema and tying in with strong themes of female independence.” (Variety)

Rohena Gera

Indian nationalityBorn on February 12th, 1973
in Pune (India)

Diaphana, the French distributor of SIR was awarded the Gan Foundation Award for Distribution during the 57th Semaine de la Critique.

Interview de Rohena Gera :

for distribution

For the fifth year in a row, the Gan Foundation for Cinema, one of the major private partners of French cinema for the past 30 years, has given within La Semaine de la Critique its Award to help release a first or second feature film in France. The 2018 Gan Foundation Award for Distribution, endowed 20,000€, went to Diaphana, the French distributor of SIR (MONSIEUR) by Rohena Gera.