Morelia IFF at Next Step 2022

Morelia International Film Festival, celebrating its 20th edition this year, and Cannes’ Semaine de la Critique team up for the very first time around the Next Step workshop.

Jorge Sistos, a Mexican director whose short film La Oscuridad was recently presented at la Semaine de la Critique in the frame of the Invitation to Morelia IFF, will be invited to participate in the Next Step workshop, taking place in Paris and Normandy in December. During the week-long program, he will have the opportunity to present his first feature project La Ausencia to consultants and industry professionals, alongside other young directors selected at la Semaine de la Critique with their short film.

For the past 8 years, Next Step has accompanied 72 directors, 42% of whom are female directors, from 35 different countries. 19 features have already been finalized and had their premiere in some of the most renowned film festivals (amongst the most recent releases, The Maiden by Graham Foy, Tengo sueños electricos by Valentina Maurel, Alma Viva by Cristèle Alves Meira, The Woodcutter Story by Mikko Myllylahti). A dozen new features are currently in postproduction.

Both La Semaine de la Critique and Morelia International Film Festival have a longstanding dedication to the discovery and support of cinema emerging young talents from all over the world. This new partnership will allow to further deepen intercultural dialogue and meetings between professionals from both sides of the Atlantic. It is part of a crucial and fundamental mission of international festivals to fight against the temptation of withdrawal by fostering the circulation of movies and artists beyond frontiers.

"The splendid relationship that the Morelia International Film Festival has had for several years with Cannes Critics' Week is greatly enriched this year with the invitation made by the Next Step program to Michoacan filmmaker Jorge Sistos. I'm glad this initiative contributes to strengthening our collaboration, opening new paths in training and always seeking to make the work of young Mexican creators visible."

Daniela Michel, Founding Director of Morelia International Film Festival

"La Semaine de la Critique has been a faithful partner to the Morelia International Film Festival since its very first edition in 2003. Our Next Step Workshop has been for the past few years a very efficient tool to promote emerging new talents from all over the world and to help them with their first feature films. We can’t wait to welcome Jorge Sistos in the Moulin d’Andé and in Paris, to enable him to work on his project and to meet potential partners.”

Thomas Rosso, Next Step Director, La Semaine de la Critique’s Program Manager

The list of feature projects selected for the 9th session of Next Step will be announced during November 2022.