LITIGANTE coming soon to French theaters

Franco Lillo’s LITIGANTE was the opening film at La Semaine de la Critique's last edition. Franco Lolli's second feature film, discovered in 2014 at the Semaine de la Critique with Gente de Bien, has been screened in a dozen international film festivals such as the Melbourne Film Festival or the Zurich International Film Festival. Already released in Colombia (Cine Colombia), Franco Lolli’s film will be in French cinemas from the 19th February (Ad Vitam).

"Lolli’s script keeps as many balls in the air as its put-upon heroine does, but doesn’t feel overplotted. Rather, “Litigante’s” various, fretting strands add up to a honest, empathetic portrait of overburdened modern motherhood."
— Variety

Franco Lolli 
Director, screenwriter and producer
Colombian nationality
Born on juin 13, 1983 in Bogota (Colombia)
LITIGANTE was presented at the Semaine de la Critique as the opening film.