Il pleut dans la maison in theaters !

Il pleut dans la maison, the first feature film by Belgian director Paloma Sermon-Daï, was presented at the 62nd Semaine de la Critique and awarded the Prix French Touch du Jury.

This first feature, which won the Bayard for Best Film and Best Actor at the 2023 Namur Festival, will be released this Wednesday, April 3.

The film stars Purdey Lombet and his brother Makenzy Lombet. Il Pleut dans la maison is produced by MICHIGAN FILMS, co-produced by KIDAM and VISUALANTICS and distributed by CONDOR


Under a scorching sun, seventeen-year-old Purdey and his fifteen-year-old brother Makenzy are left to fend for themselves. While Purdey works as a cleaner in a hotel complex, Makenzy makes a bit of money stealing from tourists. Between the recklessness of adolescence and the harshness of adulthood, they'll have to support each other on this heartbreakingly sweet journey, which looks set to be the last summer of their youth.


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« This precariousness isn't the subject, it's the backdrop. What stands out is above all the brother-sister relationship and the glass ceiling, very complicated to break, which I also experienced.  » 

Interview with Paloma Sermon-Daï by Perrine Quennesson

  « The actors are non-professionals and the situations are informed by experience, without artifice ever clouding their authenticity.  »

Trois Couleurs

«  Demonstrating a remarkable sense of framing, the young filmmaker (...) signs a luminous and graceful first feature.» 

Culture aux trousses 


Paloma Sermon-Daï Interview


Semaine de la Critique 2023

Nicolas Dufourcq, CEO of Bpifrance, Purdey Lombet, Paloma Sermon-Daï, Makenzy Lombet and Nicolas Parpex, Director of the Pôle Industries Créatives.
- Maëva Benaïche

The Semaine de la Critique jury awards the Prix French Touch du Jury to one of the seven feature films in competition. The aim of this prize is to highlight the creativity and audacity of a unique cinematic gesture. By joining forces with La Semaine de la Critique, French Touch aims to reveal the creative talents who will make tomorrow's cinema.