DIAMANTINO, 2018 Nespresso Grand Prize on French screens

During the 57th edition of La Semaine de la Critique, the jury presided by Joachim Trier awarded DAMANTINO– the first feature film directed by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt- the Nespresso Grand Prize. This award is yet another proof of the talent of these two directors we had already spotted with their short films Pálacio de Pena (selected at the Venice festival in 2011) and A History of Mutual Respect (Best Short Film - Locarno Film Festival in 2010). Since Cannes, the screwball comedy this duet created was screened at many festivals, e.g. Karlovy Vary, London’s BFI, the New York Film Festival, Vancouver, Toronto, etc. It was also recently nominated in the Best comedy category at the European Film Awards. As for the sales, a dozen countries have already acquired it, including Germany and Austria (Koch Media), Brazil (Syndrome Films), Canada (MK2 Mile End), the United States (Kino Lorber), Portugal (Maria & Mayer) and Great Britain (Modern Film). DIAMANTINO opens in French cinemas on November 28 (UFO Distribution).

Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt bring to the screen the life of a kindhearted football player. As he loses his incredible football mojo in the middle of the world cup, Diamantino, brilliantly portrayed by Carloto Cotta, must face the horrors of life without football, which includes family manipulations, the migrant crisis and the rise of the far right. The two young directors subtly play with what is odd, sometimes bordering on absurd, to offer the audience a film that is whimsical, colourful and completely untethered. “Diamantino is a frothy and infectiously sweet film that bubbles with the madness of the modern world, and dares to suggest a way forward that’s as simple as the moral at the end of a children’s story.” (IndieWire)

Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt

Gabriel Abrantes
Portuguese nationality
Born on October 2nd 1984 in South Carolina (USA)

Daniel Schmidt
US nationality 
Born in 1984 in New Haven (USA)

DIAMANTINO, the feature film they both directed, won the Nespresso Grand Prize in the 57thedition of La Semaine de la Critique

Itw Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt | DIAMANTINO

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For 8 years now, Nespresso has been supporting emerging talents by giving the Grand Prize of La Semaine de la Critique. 8 years which show Nespresso's commitment to creativity and to encouraging artists worldwide. Since 2016, Nespresso also honours short films through the contest Nespresso Talents.