CHRIS THE SWISS, released in France

CHRIS THE SWISS by Anja Kofmel, released on Wednesday October 3, is starting its second week in France. Since it was screened at La Semaine de la Critique, the film has been selected in a great number of festivals, such as Karlovy Vary, Sarajevo, Athens and - more recently - Vancouver. In her first feature film, the director merges documentary and animation to investigate the loss of her cousin, Chris, who was found dead during the war in Yugosalvia. "Chris the Swiss starts off with a personal story that highlights something universal: ambiguity and the brutal need to exist (carried by an ideology that turns into a pretext) that lives in each of us, in good but above all in evil. A real questioning of what makes us (despite everything) human." (Cineuropa)

Itw of Anja Kofmel :