A few words from Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt, Nespresso Grand Prize 2018 with DIAMANTINO

DIAMANTINO was in competition in 2018 at La Semaine de la Critique. What did this mean for you to be selected in our Section? 

We were really happy to be selected. It was the first time we screened a movie at Cannes, which was a really big step for us, and to be at Semaine de la Critique was wonderful. We felt really welcomed by the team and the other filmmakers, and it felt great to be in such a tight selection that has so much energy.

DIAMANTINO won the Nespresso Grand Prize. How did this prize help you going on in your career?

The prize brought a lot of attention to the film, and it really gave it a boost in terms of international sales – so now the film is having a commercial release in the US, Canada, China, Japan, Italy, Austria, Germany, UK, Brazil, France, Portugal. For us it is the first time we have a film distributed at such a scale, and it really is exciting to have the film available to so many different viewers.