Next Step 2016


Feature Film

With Texcoco, her first feature film project, Konstantina establishes a parallel between the ancient lake of Texcoco where Aztecs built their first city and her Texcoco, inspired by a real trash dump outside Athens. Here, this fictitious huge trash dump is inextricably connected to the people living near it. One day, as the soil is dug up to bury industrial toxic waste, a giant human skeleton fossil is revealed. The residents see it as something to be treasured as it can’t be anything other than the bones of an ancient fallen angel who has come to change their lives. In Texcoco, Konstantina wishes to portray the different lives of these people, while escaping the usual dreary atmosphere of poverty drama. A
dystopian universe, both realistic and magical, that features colourful and surrealist images and characters as singular as they are diverse.