by Lin Tu

Next Step 2022


Feature Film

Eva Chen is a young Chinese woman who’s just moved to a large city in Southeast Asia to become a teacher in an institution where male hostility reigns supreme. She tries to fit in this foreign land, and her new work environment, harried by nightmares and the rape cases that make the headlines. One evening, her long-lost friend Suli resurfaces. What happened to Suli that would explain her silence for all these years? And what is this presence that seems to follow Eva Chen around? 

With this feature project, Lin Tu pursues her visual and narrative work around fragmented identities, losing one’s bearings, and traumatic memories. Through a sensoric mise-en-scène, she will convey feelings of persecution and fear in a world where threats can come both from digital media and the city. Suli will also be an investigative story that, through its use of the codes of crime films, will reveal to be at the core an intimate quest: rekindling sisterhood.