Raining Roses

by Rina B. Tsou

Next Step 2016


Feature Film

Rina is now developing her first feature film project, Raining Roses. After the windbeaten docks of Arnie, Rina’s story focuses on the Typhoon Haiyan that devastated the Philippines. Jiang, 22-years-old, just left school and joins the ranks of Taiwanese unemployed youth. He quickly signs up as an non-governmental organisation (NGO) volunteer and he is sent to aid a Filipino decimated village where he meets Christna, 15-years-old, a survivor. Jiang is given the chance to rise through the organisation by making a video of Christna’s situation for fundraising purposes. Their mutual sympathy becomes friendship and then makes way to a youthful desire. In this coming-of-age drama, Rina wishes to address the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood by capturing the ambiguity between right and wrong and by creating an atmosphere of blood-pulsating anxiety.