by Andrea Slaviček

Next Step 2023

Feature Film

Luna, a young absent-minded photographer, lives between fantasy and reality, and juggles several day jobs in the hope of landing her dream job. Something of an expert in bad decisions and outlandish encounters, she navigates a chaotic, almost surrealistic life with her two sidekicks, Nicolas and Max. 

Andrea Slaviček, with her keen sense of nuanced female characters that steer clear of stereotypes, takes us on a journey into Luna’s fanciful, oneiric routine.
A joyful invitation to not only follow the young lady’s misadventures and her uninterrupted flow of consciousness, but also to better understand her personal take on reality. Structured as a mosaic, the film blends reality, fantasy, and quirky/zany situations, and one could freely associate it with directors like Kirill Serebrennikov and Joanna Hogg.
The filmmaker’s offbeat and caustic sense of humour enables her to touch upon relevant social issues that characters must put up with, such as job insecurity among young people, and everyday misogyny.