Liar man

by Manolis Mavris

Next Step 2022


Feature Film

1970s, a holiday resort on a private island for rich tourists; clients bask in the sunshine as employees toil away. One of these employees - K, the concierge - meets an analyst who could well unearth a lie, buried deep in K’s subconscious and can potentially threaten his mental health and the balance of the island itself. Indeed, this facility is nothing but a reflection of K’s mind, with its architecture, its hemispheres, dark corners and tempestuous psyche. 

In this feature film, Manolis pursues his conceptual, yet playful, work on the systems that govern society and the human soul, by using architecture at its core. That of an inflexible, oppressive society in which humans are given immovable roles. An island holiday resort, as a tasty parody of the aesthetic of holiday flyers and mass-consumption utopia. And finally, the architecture of the brain, mental valves we have nurtured so as not to drown. Keeping up with the Greek New Wave and its love of subverting established systems, Liar Man will, at its core, be a parable for our world, on the verge of psychological and political collapse, hanging on to common lies and fiction for dear life.