I don't know where I'm going

by Sofia Bost

Next Step 2022


Feature Film

Sofia further explores complex family dynamics in I Don’t Know Where I’m Going, a coming-of-age story set in 1997 in the outskirts of Lisbon. Vera is a shy 10-year-old girl who dreams of other horizons and the Backstreet Boys, equally. She is raised by her mother, Luisa, who’s been separated from Vera’s father since she was born. When he comes back into their lives to invite Vera to spend the summer in his house in France, she must find her place and her voice between two conflicting parents, social classes and family narratives. 

Sofia Bost’s films dig into her characters’ mystery through a sensitive, meticulous mise-en-scène. Melancholy and its rootlessness find a framework in the director’s crisp shots and acute observation of the world as she draws from biographical experience. I Don’t Know Where I’m Going also explores masculinity as make-believe: whether it be boy bands pop icons on glossy prints, or the camera her father gives her to make and keep her memories. A world without men gives breadth to the moving images of a love story between a girl and her mother.