Flamme et Suza Flamme and Suza

by Manon Coubia

Next Step 2017

Feature Film

For Flamme and Suza, Manon draws inspiration from John Berger’s Into Their Labours, a trilogy about the peasant experience and the changes it has weathered. She paints a fictitious town, Troy, a hub of paradoxes, where beauty meets ugliness and luxury meets baroque. And it is in this town, tucked away somewhere in Europe, that the resourceful and spirited Flamme meets Suza, a young woman who wants to escape the suffocating clutches of her family. The encounter on a disaster-struck day is marked by love at first sight and out of this love emerges the desire to leave this town, and everything it represents, behind.

In this romantic fable, weaving together magic and realism (Flamme possesses within him a fire that is both healing and destructive), Manon aims to create strong, three-dimensional characters evolving in surprising ways and tell a nonlinear tale.