Birchanger Green

by Moin Hussain

Next Step 2017

Feature Film

Moin is currently developing his first feature film, Balaena, set in late 19th century Norfolk, more specifically in the coastal village of Holtham, whose decline was sparked by the implementation of laws prohibiting whale hunting. The film follows Vera Harwin, a thirty-year-old widow living a peaceful life amongst friends, house staff and inlaws. However, dark and mysterious events will soon disrupt the apparent peace. The discovery of a beached whale calf and the disappearance of a child spark fear in the village. Four foreign seamen are accused and executed but Vera knows deep down that the truth lies elsewhere.

For this project developed in the same vein as his shorts, Moin once again explores the terror that can be conjured from Anglo-Saxon myths and legends. His aim is to tell his own folktale with a realistic and vivid style, drawing from both the horror and thriller genres