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Over 35 years of commitment to filmmaking 

by Dominique Hoff, General Delegate - Gan Fondation

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Our mission, at the GAN Foundation, is to help turn screenplays into films, to assist filmmakers throughout their process, to see them grow and to make interesting, inspiring work. For over 35 years now, we have been rewarding films -  live action and animation alike - and to this day, we have supported over 230 directors. 

The GAN Foundation Award, which, every year, rewards one of the seven films competing at La Semaine de la Critique, is a testament to the foundation’s will to promote filmmakers so that they may find their audience. 

Since 2014, the Foundation is proud to have supported Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy (THE TRIBE), Clément Cogitore (THE WAKHAN FRONT), Asaph Polonsky (ONE WEEK AND A DAY), Fellipe Barbosa (GABRIEL AND THE MONTAGNE), Rohena Gera (SIR), Lorcan Finnegan (VIVARIUM), Aleem Khan (AFTER LOVE), Julie Lecoustre and Emmanuel Marre (ZERO FUCKS GIVEN), as well as Mikko Myllylahti (THE WOODCUTTER STORY), for their radical, subversive, bold, witty, sensitive and delicate work, and contributed to this "breath of fresh air" La Semaine holds so dear. 

Along with Ava Cahen’s spirited team, we are thrilled to present our tenth Award and to be part of this creative feat! 

Dominique Hoff
General Delegate | Gan fondation for the cinema

They support us