Prizes awarded by La Semaine de la Critique's Jury

Valérie Donzelli, president

Alice Winocour, Nadav Lapid, David Robert Mitchell and Santiago Mitre

 Grand Prize

MIMOSAS by Oliver Laxe

France 4
 Visionary Award

ALBÜM by Mehmet Can Mertoğlu

Leica Cine Discovery Prize for short films 

PRENJAK by Wregas Bhanuteja 

Awards given by partners

Gan Foundation Award for Distribution

Sophie Dulac, French Distributor

for ONE WEEK AND A DAY (SHAVUA VE YOM) by Asaph Polonsky


Davy Chou and Claire Maugendre

co-writers of DIAMOND ISLAND

Canal+ Award for short films 

L'ENFANCE D'UN CHEF by Antoine de Bary