Den brysomme mannen The Bothersome Man

by Jens Lien

2006 Selection


Feature Film

Andreas (42) awakens on a bus. He has no idea where he comes from nor where he's going. The bus pulls up at a run-down bus stop, where a friendly little man greets him and drives him into town in a small car. Everything has been prepared for his arrival: a job, clothes and apartment. But something isn't quite right. The inhabitants of the city all seem strangely unemotional. He constantly sees Caretakers (a kind of omnipresent handymen) cleaning up and hiding anything that's out of place in the well-functioning city. Andreas grows more and more uncomfortable, and in the end gets exhausted by the meaningless discussions about redecorating and choice of colors - the only topics people around him addres. He tries to escape, but there's no way out of the city...