Rana’s Wedding | Le Mariage de Rana, un jour ordinaire à Jérusalem

by Hany Abu-Assad

2002 Selection

PALESTINE 2002 1h27

Feature Film

The film follows a day in the life of Rana, a young Palestinian woman of East-Jerusaiem, who sneaks out of the house on the day she is set to go with her father to Egypt, to try to find her true love, Khalil. Her father disapproves her choice of Khalil as a husband.
The father has given her a list of grooms she may choose from. As Rana wanders through the city in search of her love, we get a glimpse of life In Jerusa­lem. During the course of the film, Rana concludes that when the abnormality of occupation and barriers become an everyday reality, love and marriage disap­pear into fiction.