Jukeodo jon a Too Young To Die | Trop jeunes pour mourir

by Jin Pyo Park

2002 Selection

SOUTH KOREA 2002 1h07

Feature Film

This film is from a real life and is performed by a real couple. Notable enough, the couple made a “real” love in a sex scene.
A man and a woman over 70. Having lost spouses, both struggled to endure the long day cold night with loneliness the only friend to be. One day, destiny brought them together. Old people, who be­lieved their life had lost passion long ago and was nothing but an empty shell, were swept by a searing love for the first time. The woman move into the man’s place, bringing a bundle of clothes and a drum.
With this, a new life begins to unfold. With remaining days numbered, they feel sad for the love that comes too late. Desperate for the ticking time, they don’t let love drift along the way. In a genuine exchange of emo­tion and care, the old couple finds out that they could even enjoy sex, something forgotten for so long. They learn that sex is the most wonderful way to express mutual care, forgiveness, compliment and gratefulness.
A thrilling love, which they never dreamed of be­fore, is more like a life at last than just a last love.