2002 Selection

SPAIN 2002 1h48

Feature Film

Federico and Sam are two lucky men. Federico survi­ved an earthquake and has the power to rob those around him of their good luck: he has the GIFT. Sam is a survivor of the Jewish holocaust and runs a Casino in the middle of a lava desert. One day, Federico challenges Sam, who takes away his gift and casts him out from paradise.
Years later; Federico believes that in Tomás, the only survivor of a plane crash, he has found the instrument of his vengeance. By teaching him to control his good fortune, he will have his passport back into the Casino to challenge the God of Luck.
Together they begin a voyage of initiation, a series of trials, each stranger and tougher than the previous one, where the highest stakes are other people's luck; luck which, in this game, is trapped in a simple photograph. Everything runs smoothly until Sara, a policewoman who survived the car accident that killed her family, becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth behind this ring of clan­ destine gambling where death and luck intermingle... and from which only one person will emerge INTACT.